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American Graphite Technologies Management

Con Evan Anast, MBA Managerial Finance, BSc. Economics

Mr. Con Evan Anast was appointed as secretary and director of our company on December 13, 2013 and as president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer and treasurer on October 8, 2014. Mr. Anast holds an MBA in Managerial Finance with special emphasis on asset allocation and risk management which he received from Alexandria University in California in 1988. He received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Alexandria University in 1984. He is a certified mutual fund advisor from HSBC, Scottish Amicable (Prudential) Agrotiki Asfalistiki and is also certified by K.E.K. (Athens) as a licensed financial adviser.

From April 1999 to present he has worked both full time and part time as a financial adviser with T.S. Global Enterprises Ltd. From February 2004 to 2008, he also worked with Dunhill Scott Inc. selling F.X. Services and was director of sales and global marketing covering asset allocation, venture capital and project financing. He has also held jobs with Duncan and Pratt, which was a subsidiary off of Merrill Lynch in New York on the trading desk, trading stocks, foreign exchange and precious metals. He then work for Prudential, Commercial Union, Scottish Amicable from February 1992 to 2003, in wealth management and asset allocation specializing in life policies and mutual funds. From 1997 to 2006, he was a minority stockholder of NRG Equity S.A., a small brokerage firm trading stocks on the Athens Stock Exchange. From August 2000 to 2004, he was a financial advisor selling mutual funds for HSBC, Commercial Union, Alpha Trust and Hambros Hellenic. Our company believes that Mr. Anast is a welcome addition to our board of directors to help our company with going forward for planning on our current projects both financially and corporately.

At AGIN, Mr. Anast responsibilities include administration and fund raising as well spearheading new short-term initiatives for the identification, exploration and development of proprietary technologies and strategic minerals.

Advisor’s to American Graphite Technologies

Dmytro Vyngradov MSc (Engineering and Physics)

Dmitry Vynogradov is a research scientist at the Ukraine National Science Center "KIPT". Mr. Vynogradov brings extensive experience in the design and manufacture of unique experimental research and instruments in the investigation of properties of nano-materials and graphite nanotubes. His experiences include participation including, international science projects at the field of Solid State Physics and Renewable Energy Sources. He also has extensive work in the investigation of technical solutions using the patent database in the following fields: fuel cells, metallurgical processes, superconducting, laser techniques, semiconductor electronic, corrosion resistance, using the super plasticity effects on industry, hydrogen storage.

Mr. Vynogradov has a Master’s degree in engineering and physics and is currently conducting PhD work at the field of Hydrogen Energy (metal hydrides properties). He is also the author and co-author of nine academic articles and sixteen presentations at international science conferences.

Mike Foley BSc (Advisor)

Two decades of experience in High Tech manufacturing primarily focused on Integrated Circuits, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Optics & Nanotechnology design, consulting and manufacturing. Founder of Cheap Tubes Inc, a leading graphene and nanotech supplier and the second Nanoparticle distributor in the USA. Mr. Foley was also Co-Founder of Green Mountain Optics LLC.

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration- 1997 Emmanuel College in Boston MA. Mr. Foley has filed 3 nanotechnology patent applications to date focusing on nanoparticle dispersion and applications development.